The Love & Hope website adds some new features

This feature of the website will give us the opportunity to share with you, on a regular basis, the comings and goings, ins and outs and ups and downs at the Sanctuary. Every week is filled with new adventures.

We also will, from time to time, take this opportunity to introduce you to one or more of our staff, as each and every one is essential for the daily management and operation of the Sanctuary. They are dedicated and hard working and understand the need for maintaining the well-being of all our cats.

Over time, we will introduce our “residents”, both young and old, friendly and semi-feral. Each is special in his or her own way; each deserves the best life possible.

We hope that you will feel that you are part of what we do, as our ability to exist and care for these often unwanted and sometimes abused creatures who come to us is dependent upon your continued support. We need your help to be able to help them. They are yours as well as ours.

Together we can work towards a day when there are no longer any unwanted animals and every creature will have a loving and forever home.


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