And we are delighted. Why is this such wonderful news? Let us tell you about Aron.

Aron came to the Sanctuary in November, 2006 from the streets of Ft. Lee, New Jersey. He was picked up during a trap/neuter/return project, and when he tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) it was recommended that he not be returned to the streets as he could infect other cats and that he needed special care. Fortunately, we were able to accept Aron into the Sanctuary as our FIV room had the space for him.

He was no youngster then and had had a rough time on the streets. He is now about 8 to 10 years old. He is black and white with a snaggle tooth and a birdlike claw on one paw.

Aron was wary of everyone and everything, giving an obligatory hiss whenever anyone came his way. It was obvious that he was a loner and that he had never had any loving contact with a human being. He accepted the company of cats but was always alone and by himself.

BUT NOT ANYMORE! Several weeks ago, we noticed Aron and Bea (a beautiful younger gray lady about 5, and obviously FIV positive as well) lying together on a mat, legs and paws intertwined. They have known each other for a long time, as she came here as a kitten. We guess it was a long courtship but a very successful one as they are now inseparable (they remind us of Bogie and Bacall).

This relationship gives us all giggles and tremendous joy—and we know Aron and Bea are even happier than we are.

By Love and Hope Animal Sanctuary Posted in Cat Tales