They’re Moving!

All eight are about three and a half weeks old and as you can see are beginning to scramble on their own, they are also just beginning to play.

I hope we can post a video next time so you can see them in action.


Say Hello To Lola!

Lola is my “temporary” office mate. She is “temporary” as we hope she will have a new forever home (with a bed and pillows to sleep on) in a few months.

Lola came to the Sanctuary last June and was about one year old. She brought with her four kittens three to four weeks old. They had been found by a caring person in her yard. She contacted us and brought the entire family. The kittens were cared for and have long since been adopted.

Lola had been passing the time in one of the Sanctuary rooms where she could sun herself and be with other cats. When it was time to transport Lola to one of our partner groups to show for adoption, we saw that not only had Lola been sunning herself but that she had been eating more than her share of food. Her weight had increased from 8 1/2 pounds to 11 pounds, a little to much for her delicate frame.

Lola came to live in the office with me so her food intake can be monitored. We told her to consider this as her special time at a Health Spa. As you can see she has made herself quite at home and has lost about a pound. She has a way to go but is off to a good start and then hopefully of to a wonderful new home!

The Two Mommies

The two mommies arrived at the Sanctuary on April 7th, 2011, and they did not arrive alone, but with eight little ones born April 2nd-3rd. We received a call that these two wonderful mothers gave birth at just about the same time. A kind lady had taken them into her home not knowing they were pregnant. When they gave birth she told her social worker that she did not have the funds to provide properly for all of them. The social worker contacted us and brought them here. We don’t know which kittens belong to whom, but since the two mommies are happy co-parenting, it’s just fine with us. The little ones have doubled their weight and are healthy and beginning to crawl around. We haven’t named the two mommies yet, and if you have any suggestions let us know.