So Far So Good

The two little ones who arrived last week are now about ten days old and their eyes have opened. We have to give them tiny amounts of antibiotics as well as feed them every two hours. So far they are doing well. Keep that positive energy coming.


Please Send Positive Energy

On Saturday May 21st, Penny, the animal control officer, brought two one to two day old kittens to the Sanctuary. Something had happened in town and the mother had disappeared. When she didn’t return, some concerned people saw the kittens and called Penny. When she arrived here, we immediately placed the kittens on a heating pad and began feeding them at two hour intervals. There is one calico (obviously a girl) and one black (gender not yet determained). As of today their eyes are still not open but they are moving around and are quite active. As you know, it is always touch and go with kittens this little so we need you to send them positive energy and thoughts. We will let you know what happens.

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Oh Dear! Look I’m Here!

Our most adventurous little one has now learned to climb the crate but had to be “rescued”. The crates are used only 3 times a day, so the little ones can learn to eat on their own in preparation for leaving the Two Mommies and being adopted. This little darling found a “fun” use for the crate and climbed up on her own but we had to help her down. They are growing so fast and each is developing his or her own personality. This girl is really curious and fearless.