Hi! I’m Bud and I am NOT a cat!

I am the newest member of the Love and Hope family, officially adopted 2 weeks ago. I am a 6 year old Black Lab and came to Love and Hope because my previous owner (a very nice man) had to surrender me to a local veterinary clinic. I had gotten sick and the vet diagnosed me as having hypothyroidism and Addison’s disease, I had to be placed on an extremely expensive monthly injection as well as daily thyroid medication. My owner could not afford this medicine and asked the vet to find a good home for me. I stayed at the vet clinic for several months and in mid July two people that I didn’t know brought their dogs to the clinic for their yearly physicals. The vet asked if they would foster me for the summer so I could have a chance to run and play. (I think he knew what would happen, and it did.) Two weeks ago they asked to adopt me and got the OK. I now live with them at Love and Hope together with their other 4 dogs, all rescues like me. The other dogs are pretty cool and maybe I will ask them to write stories about themselves also. Do you see the yellow tag around my neck? That’s when I knew it was official; I was given this ID tag with my name, address and phone number, just like my new brothers and sisters have. Now I can ride in the Love and Hope truck, roll in the grass and swim in the pond. I’M HOME!!!


The Kitty Karavan Rolled Again

August has been a very busy month, with the Kitty Karavan traveling to many places. During this month 16 of our kittens have left for various destinations to find their forever homes. These are just a few of them; you may recognize some: the First Family and the children of the Two Mommies. The First Family were off to Rochester, New York, along with their mom. The babies of the Two Mommies headed for Flemington, New Jersey, while their moms were adopted by people near the Sanctuary. Three other kittens headed for Brooklyn, while the last little girl now resides in Trenton, New Jersey. There are many still remaining with us at the Sanctuary as they are completing their health protocol before moving on. We’ve all become very attached to these precious little creatures and miss them when they leave, but we know that each kitty is entitled to a person of their own and a bed and pillow to sleep on.