Hi! I’m Bud and I am NOT a cat!

I am the newest member of the Love and Hope family, officially adopted 2 weeks ago. I am a 6 year old Black Lab and came to Love and Hope because my previous owner (a very nice man) had to surrender me to a local veterinary clinic. I had gotten sick and the vet diagnosed me as having hypothyroidism and Addison’s disease, I had to be placed on an extremely expensive monthly injection as well as daily thyroid medication. My owner could not afford this medicine and asked the vet to find a good home for me. I stayed at the vet clinic for several months and in mid July two people that I didn’t know brought their dogs to the clinic for their yearly physicals. The vet asked if they would foster me for the summer so I could have a chance to run and play. (I think he knew what would happen, and it did.) Two weeks ago they asked to adopt me and got the OK. I now live with them at Love and Hope together with their other 4 dogs, all rescues like me. The other dogs are pretty cool and maybe I will ask them to write stories about themselves also. Do you see the yellow tag around my neck? That’s when I knew it was official; I was given this ID tag with my name, address and phone number, just like my new brothers and sisters have. Now I can ride in the Love and Hope truck, roll in the grass and swim in the pond. I’M HOME!!!

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