We’re Ready To Travel

This is our last romp before our BIG trip to find our forever homes. Tomorrow the four of us are going to New Jersey, and we thought we would tell you how happy we are to have been here. We were born August 22nd and came to the Sanctuary on August 31st 2011. Our mom was hit by a car and killed. The people who owned her did not know how to take care of such young kittens and brought us here. We had to be hand and bottle fed, required antibiotics, heating lamps and lots of attention. There were five of us but unfortunately one of us did not make it. (We heard the lady at the Sanctuary tell our mom’s owner that it was very dangerous to let cats outside unsupervised. We hope they will listen!) As for us, it is guaranteed that we will be indoor kitties. We are very excited about finding our new homes, but as you see we have had a lot of fun here and we guess you could say that the Sanctuary saved our lives.