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My friend Suresh with a cat he rescued from the streets
I am again leaving for India in a few days, to work with my friend whose mission in life is to bring help and relief from suffering to the street animals of Mumbai. He and his small group of dedicated volunteers do so much for these animals with very little resources. As I will be gone for over a month, the only member of the Love and Hope family who can type will not be able to update you on Sanctuary activities. I will not return until March. However, I want to tell you a story while I am away and have scheduled a Newsletter to be published on February 1st. It is a story about my very special “Jewel of India” and I hope that you will enjoy her tale. If you receive our blogs through Facebook or our website and wish to subscribe to our Newsletter then Click Here to sign up. If you receive our Newsletters and would like to ensure that you receive our blog updates, you can do so by checking our website or by joining us on Facebook.

Remember Ronnie?

We want to thank you for your donations and let you know that because of your kindness, Ronnie has had two cryogenic eye surgeries to freeze away all of his upper eye lashes that were growing into his eyes and causing him difficulty. Now that the eye lashes are gone, in a few weeks he will be scheduled for reconstructive eye surgery. He was born without third eye lids and the surgery will create these lids for him. At that time we hope his eyes will appear normal and they will be more open. He is just about the friendliest and most loving boy and we look forward to the time that he will look at us with eyes wide open. He could not have had these surgeries without your financial help and we are all grateful.