Welcome Facebook Friends

First, we would like to welcome the many of you who have joined our Facebook page since our last blog. We truly appreciate you interest in our Sanctuary and the work that we do. This is our first blog since I returned from India (a story that I hope to tell you in our next newsletter in a couple of weeks). Our blogs try to keep you informed as to the goings on at the Sanctuary and hopefully, you can share in our joy and sometimes our sorrow in caring for our wonderful creatures.
Ronnie Update!
Ronnie was first introduced to you in September 2011, having arrived at the Sanctuary on July 24th. As we told you, he was very ill at the time (as were his siblings) and all three required constant care. On January 13th we shared with you that Ronnie had had two cryogenic eye surgeries to freeze away all his upper eye lashes that were growing into his eyes and causing him difficulty. On March 13th he had a third surgery on his right eye to reconstruct his third eyelid. He is now recuperating and receiving a lot of TLC. In approximately three weeks he will have have the same surgery on his left eye. We hope that when these procedures are completed and Ronnie no longer has serious eye problems, this wonderful friendly boy will find a forever home. Because of your donations and continued support Ronnie has been able to have the surgeries that he needed. We can’t wait to send you a picture of him when he is fully recovered.