Our Heroine Continues Her Valiant Journey!


Her name is Portia. The elegant and compassionate heroine of Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” perfectly reflects the qualities of our heroine. Last week we were able to remove her from her babies for a couple of hours so we could have her rear leg X-rayed. The X-ray showed that her leg was broken by the raccoon that attacked her. It is our understanding that it is a severe break. She continues to periodically run a fever which appears now to be under control using antibiotics that do not negatively affect her babies. We have begun weaning her brood and as you can see they are moving around on their own. They are eating well and we hope by next week Portia can begin more aggressive treatment. At this time we do not know if the leg can be repaired or if it will need to be amputated. Throughout this entire time she has continued to care for, nurse and love her babies. We will always love and care for her.


Meet Our Heroine!

While she has not yet told us her name, she is our hero. She was brought to the Sanctuary a week ago with five week old kittens. She gave birth to the kittens while being attacked by a raccoon. Her back legs had been chewed and bitten. She managed to get onto a back porch and the woman who lived there was able to chase away the raccoon. After she finished giving birth, it was obvious that her back legs were severely injured. When she was brought to the Sanctuary her temperature was over 104, but she was cuddling with her nursing babies. Her back legs were covered in pus filled sores. Our Vet immediately started her on antibiotics and we soak her back legs daily. While her temperature has gone down and her legs are no longer oozing pus, she still needs daily treatment. Despite her discomfort, she nurses her kittens with great love. We will continue to care for her and give her the support she needs to nurture her little ones. She has shown herself to be a fearless and devoted Mom and is certainly our Heroine.