Many of you followed “Our Heroine” Portia’s journey since last year and know all about her difficult beginning and subsequent recovery from three leg surgeries that were the result of a terrible raccoon bite while she was giving birth. (You can read Portia’s past stories by clicking HERE; her stories can be found on the dates of 9/19/12, 1/26/13, 2/16/13, 2/25/13, 3/4/13 and 3/11/13.)

You cheered her on as she selflessly cared for her newborns despite a raging infection and the pain caused by multiple breaks to her leg.

You were with her through three leg surgeries performed in the hope of saving her leg.

You voted for her in’s Luckiest Pet Contest and while she didn’t win that contest, she is certainly a winner in everyone’s heart.

Her third surgery was in January, and she recently had the six month follow up x-ray to determine what more, if anything, needed to be done. It was necessary to assess her leg’s current bone density so that the vet could decide whether or not some of the hardware needed to be removed from her leg. (I know it sounds strange, but if she was developing osteoporosis some of the hardware would have had to be removed to “destabilize” the leg and hopefully increase her bone density). 

Her leg is GREAT! No osteoporosis or bone thinning. No more surgery necessary for this valiant girl!!! Yeah! Portia!