We’re Ready To Travel

This is our last romp before our BIG trip to find our forever homes. Tomorrow the four of us are going to New Jersey, and we thought we would tell you how happy we are to have been here. We were born August 22nd and came to the Sanctuary on August 31st 2011. Our mom was hit by a car and killed. The people who owned her did not know how to take care of such young kittens and brought us here. We had to be hand and bottle fed, required antibiotics, heating lamps and lots of attention. There were five of us but unfortunately one of us did not make it. (We heard the lady at the Sanctuary tell our mom’s owner that it was very dangerous to let cats outside unsupervised. We hope they will listen!) As for us, it is guaranteed that we will be indoor kitties. We are very excited about finding our new homes, but as you see we have had a lot of fun here and we guess you could say that the Sanctuary saved our lives.

Happy Halloween! All About Eve

This past Sunday we received our Halloween present a few days early. As our manager Gretchen arrived at the Sanctuary, she was greeted at the front door by this little thing, obviously hungry but very friendly. Gretchen opened the door to bring her some food in the hope of coaxing her inside, but it was unnecessary as Eve followed her. We named her Eve in honor of All Hallow’s Eve, the other name for Halloween. Eve saw our vet on Tuesday, she is about 7 months old, and, other than being somewhat malnourished, is a healthy cat considering that she must have been outside and on her own for quite some time. She clearly decided that she wanted a home, and we are happy to give it to her. She will get all the food she needs, all of her vaccinations and, as soon as she puts on a little weight, spayed. Then we will try to find her a perfect home; she really deserves one. Eve is truly a special Halloween present.

CLARENCE IS HERE (and he is famous)

Who is Clarence? He is a beautiful long hair white and brown cat who prefers other cats to people.
Clarence was the subject of an article “Battle in the Garden” which appeared in the New York Daily News on January 10, 2009. He and his friend, Betsy, had lived in a community garden in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, for several years. The gardeners objected to his caretaker feeding them and decided they were to be evicted. That eviction deadline had to be postponed several times. Before a new home could be found, Betsy disappeared. It became increasingly urgent to find a permanent safe place for Clarence.
In December, Clarence arrived at the Sanctuary, thanks to the dedication of his Brooklyn caretaker. He is now safe.
He will receive the care he deserves and will have a chance to make new cat friends. When the weather permits, Clarence can bask in the sun and smell the fresh air as he lounges on one of our enclosed “catios”. (I think that he is going to like this, as it will remind him of his Brooklyn garden.)
We are pleased to be able to give Clarence his “forever” home.

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And we are delighted. Why is this such wonderful news? Let us tell you about Aron.

Aron came to the Sanctuary in November, 2006 from the streets of Ft. Lee, New Jersey. He was picked up during a trap/neuter/return project, and when he tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) it was recommended that he not be returned to the streets as he could infect other cats and that he needed special care. Fortunately, we were able to accept Aron into the Sanctuary as our FIV room had the space for him.

He was no youngster then and had had a rough time on the streets. He is now about 8 to 10 years old. He is black and white with a snaggle tooth and a birdlike claw on one paw.

Aron was wary of everyone and everything, giving an obligatory hiss whenever anyone came his way. It was obvious that he was a loner and that he had never had any loving contact with a human being. He accepted the company of cats but was always alone and by himself.

BUT NOT ANYMORE! Several weeks ago, we noticed Aron and Bea (a beautiful younger gray lady about 5, and obviously FIV positive as well) lying together on a mat, legs and paws intertwined. They have known each other for a long time, as she came here as a kitten. We guess it was a long courtship but a very successful one as they are now inseparable (they remind us of Bogie and Bacall).

This relationship gives us all giggles and tremendous joy—and we know Aron and Bea are even happier than we are.

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