They Need Your Help!


The Love and Hope kitties live a wonderful, safe and secure life. But this is a expensive endeavor. The cost to support a cat here at the Sanctuary is over $1,000 a year. The kitties have asked Sonny to be their spokescat.

I was elected spokescat (well, not unanimously, don’t know what’s wrong with those who didn’t vote for me) because I am obviously beautiful, highly intelligent and articulate. They want me to give you some idea as to how much it costs to take care of us. I’m not going to bore you with every little detail, but here is a general idea.

Employee Payroll – $85,000 – There are 3 full time and 1 part time caretakers. They clean and disinfect our rooms everyday, 365 days a year, do our laundry, change our litter and feed us, not to mention hugging and kissing us as well.

Food – $40,000 – We like to eat both wet and dry.

Veterinarian – $22,000 – She takes VERY good care of us.

Medications and Medical Supplies – $18,000

Cleaning Supplies – $5,000 – We REALLY like our rooms to be kept clean.

This doesn’t even include things like repairs and maintenance, utilities, and insurance, as well as day to day expenses.

We receive no government funding and all of our support is from private donations. The officers and directors receive no compensation. Every penny raised goes solely to our care.

You can help us by making a donation by Clicking Here OR by “sponsoring a cat” with a monthly donation of your choice ($20-$75) by Clicking Here.

I have a sponsor, and I let her know how I am and when I can get some computer time, send her an email. Some of my friends do not have sponsors and would love a virtual adoption and person all of their own for Christmas. It would be the best present that they could receive.

Thank you for hearing my pitch and thank you for your help.

We’re Waiting…

And we are being very patient. Every Sunday at the Sanctuary is Cat Nip Sunday. However, since this Sunday is Christmas we have been told that there will be extra cat nip for all since it is a holiday. We hope that all of you will have as much fun on Sunday as we will. YEAHHH!