Happy Halloween! All About Eve

This past Sunday we received our Halloween present a few days early. As our manager Gretchen arrived at the Sanctuary, she was greeted at the front door by this little thing, obviously hungry but very friendly. Gretchen opened the door to bring her some food in the hope of coaxing her inside, but it was unnecessary as Eve followed her. We named her Eve in honor of All Hallow’s Eve, the other name for Halloween. Eve saw our vet on Tuesday, she is about 7 months old, and, other than being somewhat malnourished, is a healthy cat considering that she must have been outside and on her own for quite some time. She clearly decided that she wanted a home, and we are happy to give it to her. She will get all the food she needs, all of her vaccinations and, as soon as she puts on a little weight, spayed. Then we will try to find her a perfect home; she really deserves one. Eve is truly a special Halloween present.