Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m Charles and I have been chosen to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day from all the Love and Hope kitties. We want everyone to have a loving and joyful day. 
As you can see, I am very handsome, very regal (often referred to as Prince Charles), and I love everyone and I love to be loved. 
I am also Feline Lukemia (FeLV) positive.
I am very fortunate to be here at the Sanctuary where I have made friends (both feline and human). I want to thank everyone whose support has made my life possible.
Yearly Physicals

As Manuel is telling everyone, the time has again rolled around for our 200+ cats to received their yearly physicals. It is a time consuming labor of love where each cat is thoroughly examined by our wonderful vet, any necessary vaccines are updated with annual deworming, teeth examined and all dental work performed. Then a bath and a mani/pedi and each one is ready for spring. 

A donation of $25 will help us keep two of our cats healthy and happy. 
Please considering a one time contribution (by CLICKING HERE) toward this yearly expense or sponsor your very own kitty (by CLICKING HERE).
Thank you!

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