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Holiday 2013 Newsletter

‘Tis the Season!
In this holiday season of loving and giving, we are asking you to make a tax-deductible donation to our Sanctuary to help the two hundred cats and kittens who call Love and Hope home. Last year you were wonderful and helped us reach our goal of matching a $30,000 gift. This year we do not have such an offer and are relying solely upon you to help us provide the care all of our cats need.
Some of our VERY, VERY SPECIAL special needs kitties shown here have put on their Christmas best to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Holiday season. They are all leukemia positive and this deadly, destructive and highly contagious disease will eventually takes its toll on their little systems. They would not be in this world if they had not had an opportunity to come here. Their special needs and frequent reoccurring illnesses means that each one requires extra and often very costly care and are dependent upon your generosity. 

But they are alive, and that is worth everything!

Your holiday greeting from Chiquito is in Spanish as he does not yet speak English. He is from Ecuador.
Chiquito was found by a lovely woman visiting friends and relatives in Ecuador. He was very sick, starving and dehydrated, yet his friendly and loving personality shone through. She brought him back to New York in the hope of giving him his forever home. When Chiquito tested positive for Feline Leukemia (FeLV), he came to the Sanctuary in mid October 2013. He received veterinary care and was treated for a respiratory infection. As beautiful and as healthy as he looks today, unfortunately his destiny will undoubtedly bring many recurring illnesses. Since his arrival he has had several eye infections and currently has fairly severe stomatitis (quite common in FeLV cats). Since he had several baby teeth that had not fallen out as his adult teeth came in, our vet removed those baby teeth. He is receiving antibiotics and we are watchfully waiting.Chiquito is one of the most precious kitties that we have ever met. We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know that he will receive the best veterinary care and the most love from all of us. We are also teaching him English.

Two Southern Belles
Y’all have a very Merry Christmas 
(they still have southern accents)

Muffin and Ms. Felix are from North Carolina. When they both tested FeLV positive, their time was limited in their shelter. The heroic efforts of a young woman brought them to us. Since they arrived in August they have had several upper respiratory infections requiring prolonged treatment, Ms. Felix had lung worms (now eradicated) but continues to suffer from sporadic hard sneezing that causes her nose to discharge blood. We hoped that she might have a polyp as that would be easy to remedy. However, last week our vet did not find one. Ms. Felix is now being treated with nose drops several times a day and we hope this will help. Time will tell. 

Oliver Mason

 Yes that really is his name. He was found alongside the road and named by a little six year old boy who fell in love with him and thought that they would be forever friends. However, Oliver Mason tested FeLV positive, and with tears in his eyes, the little boy and his mom brought Oliver Mason to us. He is friendly and fabulous and quite a comedian. He has had several respiratory and eye infections since he joined us. He quickly became the shared boyfriend for Muffin and Ms. Felix, our southern belles. They share their own room while we wait for them to get older and bigger so they can join the main FeLV room.

Love and Hope is an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity and donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. All money received by us directly benefits our cats as no officer or director receives any financial compensation (we do get hugs and kisses). We do not receive any government funding or assistance and are totally dependent upon your generosity and donations. For further financial information, our annual reports are available upon request from us. They can also be found online at Guidestar or the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau website.

A Tribute to Toezy


Our delightful Toezy left this world on Thursday and crossed over Rainbow Bridge. Toezy was adored and loved by everyone here at the Sanctuary. He was affectionately also known as “The Toe Man” and “Miracle Boy”. The seven toes on each of his paws inspired his name.
For me, he was and will always be my “Miracle Boy”. Seven years ago, he was brought to the Sanctuary, having been found by a young woman who worked here. He was about 8 weeks old, affectionate, playful, loving and delicious. He was healthy and energetic, full of life and curiosity. So when I took him to the vet, I was stunned when he tested positive for both FeLV and FIV. 
The Sanctuary was only one year old and we did not have a separate room for FeLV kitties. I had not given a great deal of thought to providing a place for FeLV kitties within the Sanctuary. We were very young and only the first building was completed. There was no special room for Toezy. 
I appropriated a very small room in the office area that could be isolated and this became Toezy’s home. He was full of life and wanted to play, so I contacted several vets in the area and let it be known that I was looking for a companion for him. Along came Payton, a beautiful orange girl about the same age as Toezy. They adored each other and for almost a year were inseparable. 
When they were about one year old, Payton became very sick and died. The FeLV curse had claimed its first victim here at the Sanctuary. Toezy was grieving and although we all played with and comforted him, it just wasn’t quite enough. I made the decision to offer a permanent home to as many of these FeLV kitties as we could, and a room was set aside in our new building just for them.
When news of this room reached the vets in the community,  Toezy quickly had many friends and playmates. He delighted in being the host who introduced newcomers and made sure that they settled in and were happy. He continued as the Master of Ceremonies for seven wonderful years. 
If were not for Toezy, this room might not have come into existence when it did. Caring for FeLV kittens and cats might not have become one of the most rewarding things that we do. For all of us it also is one that too often brings sadness and loss and tears. Almost all the kittens fulfill the prediction; fifty percent die by the age of one year and eighty percent by the age of two. 
But there must be an exception to every rule, and that was my Toezy. He lived for seven joyful and playful years. He loved and was deeply loved by all.
I have no doubt that the universe sent Toezy to me as a guide and inspiration in the decision to care for and include FeLV kitties in our Sanctuary. His spirit will never leave Love and Hope. We all will carry “The Toe Man” in our hearts. His living for seven years is indeed a miracle but because of the legacy he helped create, all of our FeLV kitties have had a chance to live and play and bask in the sun because of him; this is the true miracle. 
WELL DONE! Life well lived my precious Miracle Boy!